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Kamala Harris would have the best chance against Trump
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A recent CNN political poll in the US revealed significant shifts in Democratic voters’ opinions, particularly following Biden’s debate performance with Trump, affecting the current president’s prospects for the November election. The results suggest that Vice President Kamala Harris would have a better chance of winning the election than Joe Biden if the latter withdrew from the race.

Joe Biden’s prospects of securing the Democratic Party nomination suffered a severe blow after his televised debate and perceived disappointing performance against Donald Trump. This quickly led to a crisis within the Democratic Party, with Biden’s chances plummeting to an all-time low according to the latest forecasts.

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With these major upheavals within the party, Vice President Kamala Harris’s chances of success in the presidential race would have increased considerably, positioning her ahead of all other potential Democratic candidates for election, should Biden see his candidacy replaced for the 2024 elections.

Recent polls affirm that Kamala Harris is the most viable candidate to take on Trump. In a hypothetical face-off between Trump and Biden, the poll shows Trump with a six-point lead over Biden. Harris, however, would be closer with 47% of voters backing her, while Trump would have 45% of the vote.

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Kamala Harris is considered more popular with women and independent voters than Joe Biden, which goes a long way to bolstering the Democratic camp’s performance.

As the November elections approach, the Democratic Party is experiencing a period of unprecedented turbulence. Party members are uncertain about Biden’s continued leadership and are wondering whether they should bet on Kamala Harris instead.

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