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Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery
A statement from Kensington Palace revealed that Kate Middleton had undergone (successful) abdominal surgery at the London Clinic and will be hospitalized for 10 to 14 days.

The princess would then have several weeks of convalescence ahead of her, according to the royal family.

Palace officials did not specify the nature of the major surgery, but insisted that it was not cancer-related. The Kensington Palace statement also included a note from the princess, expressing her gratitude for all the attention she was receiving and her desire to keep a low profile in order to provide a normal life for her children.

Middleton also expressed her desire to reschedule events she had to cancel due to her operation.

Prince William has reportedly postponed the majority of his engagements in order to spend time by his wife’s side through this ordeal.

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Only moments after Kate Middleton’s check-up, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles III would also undergo surgery, while he would soon be hospitalized for an enlarged prostate, a condition described as benign.

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