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Kelly Osbourne praises Ozempic use, stirs controversy
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Recent remarks by Kelly Osbourne promoting the use of Ozempic, a diabetes drug used for weight loss, have reverberated through the entertainment industry, eliciting a mix of support and criticism.

In an interview with E!, Kelly Osbourne expressed her approval of this controversial trend, describing it as amazing. She also praised Ozempic as an effective weight loss option, pointing out that it offers a less boring alternative to working out.

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Kelly Osbourne’s unreserved endorsement of Ozempic stands out in the midst of many celebrities’ non-saying. It also contrasts with the warnings of her mother, Sharon Osbourne, who shared the drug’s side effects, including nausea and drastic weight loss.

Indeed, Sharon Osbourne expressed her concerns about Ozempic, warning against its use during her appearance on The Talk. She had to discontinue its use due to significant side effects she personally experienced during this period.

Despite Sharon Osbourne’s warnings and her own negative experiences, Kelly Osbourne brushed off criticism of the Ozempic trend, attributing it to envy and the drug’s high cost, estimated at between $1,300 and $1,000 a month.

She claimed that those who criticize the Ozempic trend do so out of desire or frustration at not being able to use it themselves!


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Ozempic is receiving increased attention, however, following testimonials from celebrities such as Amy Schumer, Boy George, Tracy Morgan and Chelsea Handler.

In particular, Schumer criticized the hypocrisy of her peers regarding the use of dietary supplements for weight loss, while Handler revealed that she had been prescribed Ozempic without her consent and decided to stop after experiencing nausea.

Both Boy George and Tracy Morgan claimed to have used Ozempic in their weight loss efforts.

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