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Kim Kardashian blamed for… UFOs!

Last Thursday, Kim Kardashian presented a commercial for her swimwear brand, Skims Swim, and the alien-themed photos raised eyebrows…

Because of the images featured in the Skims Swim ad, Kardashian is being accused of being responsible for… UFO sightings!

Yes, yes! Some fans have questioned whether Kim was behind the recent sightings in America.

Harmony Korine was in charge of this photo shoot and on the pictures, we can see Kim surrounded by models who have put on alien heads. We can see the models-extraterrestrials in a living room, on the edge of an in-ground pool or near a neon yellow sports car.

This new collection will be launched on February 21, and it will offer covers, accessories, in addition to 25 styles of bikinis in total in seven different colors.

Remember that these photos coincide oddly after several UFOs (including Chinese balloons) were spotted in the North American sky to be shot down following government directives.

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