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Larsa Pippen harassed for her relationship with Michael Jordan’s son

Larsa Pippen, Scottie’s ex who needs no introduction, was booed during a duel between the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs.

The 48-year-old was approached in a heated manner by a spectator, who recognized Larsa and Michael Jordan‘s son, Marcus.

This Chargers fan was not shy about sending Ms. Larsa packing.

Larsa’s response was to smile and continue the support she was offering the Chargers that day.

Recall that while Jordan Jr. and Larsa have been seen together on several occasions, including one just recently, cozied up on a beach, Larsa continues to maintain that they are just friends.

She is single and wants to meet people, but in public, we feel Larsa’s discomfort when she is with Marcus, most likely because of the bickering between Scottie and Michael… or the age difference.

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