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Lewis Hamilton had expressed his frustration to Mercedes
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Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton expressed his frustration with Mercedes last season. Despite his legendary status in the sport, Hamilton revealed that his suggestions for improving the car’s performance were ignored before the 2023 season, we learn in the latest season of Netflix’s excellent documentary series Drive to Survive.

Hamilton spoke candidly about the events leading up to the 2023 season, recalling the path his team would have taken if they didn’t make significant changes to the car’s design. Hamilton recounted in the documentary that he had complained to his team, asking them to “look at these changes” and “do something”. He was told that the engineers “knew exactly what they were doing”. Hamilton said the discrepancy had led to a frustrating moment.

Hamilton’s concerns proved well-founded as the season progressed. Hamilton’s frustration is evident in episode 6, entitled Leap of Faith. Here, he shares his feelings about the team’s performance, declaring, “I don’t remember winning. To be honest!”

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Despite all his efforts to recapture his former glory, the Brit felt powerless in the face of persistent car problems. Hamilton’s dissatisfaction on the radio after the Monte Carlo race, where he finished fourth, proved a particularly telling moment. The rear of the car was identified as his weak point. He criticized the rear wing, calling it “really like a barndoor, very draggy”, and acknowledged that the problems were nothing new. He referred to a series of problems that have gone unresolved for several seasons.

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Hamilton showed his loyalty to Mercedes by signing a two-year contract extension later that year, regardless of what happened at the 2023 race. He spoke on the show of a leap of faith and his unshakeable belief that the team could build a good car.

Then, in a shocking turn of events, Hamilton announced instead that he would be switching to Ferrari by 2025. Despite his loyalty and commitment to Mercedes, he confirmed this decision. Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes and join Charles Leclerc will mark the end of a chapter for him.

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As fans ponder the impact of Hamilton’s revelations and his impending departure from Mercedes, it’s important to remember that his final season with the Silver Arrows will take place this year. Hamilton’s decision to switch to Ferrari is a new intrigue in the ever-evolving story of Formula 1.

The series Drive to Survive, which gives an inside look at the turbulent dynamics of Formula 1 teams, bears witness to this.

Season 6 is available on Netflix right now.

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