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Lewis Hamilton raced against a jet!
Lewis Hamilton showed up at a runway with the goal of defeating a jet in a drag race, which is side by side in a straight line for 1/4 mile.

“I took the W12 out for a special occasion a while back. It’s not every day you get to race a jet. Nearly had him too! Always a pleasure!”

A second video is also available, and this one was captured by Lewis himself. The number 44 is thus able to “text” with his cell phone in hand, while driving at top speed with his Mercedes W12. Wow!

The combined sound of F1 and the “jet” is quite a concert for the ear canal!

This live run from an airstrip may prove that Lewis really wants to be Maverick from Top Gun, especially since he flew in his latest opponent!

It should be noted that Lewis is 6th in the F1 driver rankings this year, with a car that is not yet ready.

Let’s remember that he is looking for his 8th career championship, which would allow him to surpass the legend Michael Schumacher. The two drivers are tied with a total of seven championships, a great feat.

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