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Metallica back at the Olympic Stadium!
The mythical band Metallica will launch its 11th album on April 14th and it will be called 72 Seasons.

A first track entitled Lux Æterna has been dropped on this Monday (November 28th), and it is very striking.

On top of that, the metal band that has been rolling its hump since the 80’s has announced that it will offer two shows at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, on August 11th and 13th!

Let’s remember that 30 years ago, on August 8, 1992, Metallica was at the Olympic Stadium with Guns N’ Roses and that this concert marked the imagination of the fans and the history of rock in Quebec.

The pyrotechnic incident that burned James Hetfield and the attitude of Axl Rose, who suddenly stopped the performance of Guns N’ Roses, had even caused a riot in Montreal!

In addition to these two concerts in Montreal, Metallica will be in Amsterdam, Mexico City, Munich, Warsaw and Madrid, and will return to Canada in 2024, near Edmonton.

Note that Pantera will be opening for the show scheduled on August 11.

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