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Mike Trout teams up with Tiger Woods for a big project!
One of the best baseball players in the world, Mike Trout, has teamed up with the best golfer in history, Tiger Woods, to build a championship golf course with 18 holes.

The course, which was Trout’s idea, will be built near his hometown of Millville and will be called Trout National – The Reserve.

Of course, Trout’s teammate in this venture couldn’t help but be Tiger Woods, as he was the Angels star’s favorite golfer as a youngster.

“I thought it would be pretty cool to reach out to him. We reached out to him, got a positive response when we mentioned it, and got his team on site. Once Tiger’s team came to the site, they loved it. It’s surreal. I mean, it’s Tiger!”,said Trout, according to Sports Illustrated.

Trout and Woods’ goal remains to open the course located in Vineland for the 2025 championship.

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