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New disturbing revelations about Kanye West

Kanye West West has been swimming in murky water for months, if not years, but in 2022, the controversial rapper’s fall is drastic. This fall has just increased in flow due to some disturbing information about him.

According to former Yeezy team members, West allegedly used explicit images of Kim Kardashian and used intimidation and manipulation to gain full control over his employees.

Adidas executives additionally reportedly received a scathing letter following a shocking event in 2017 and they did nothing to support a lady who was bullied by West.

In August 2017, during a meeting to present the latest creation of a Yeezy shoe, a young woman fell victim to Ye’s disturbing personality…

West reportedly started yelling that the sneakers weren’t up to snuff, and he approached a senior employee, staring at her and yelling that he wanted her to make him a shoe he could ****.

Regarding explicit images, during meetings or job interviews, he presented intimate photos of Kardashian, and even showed videos of her…

Last Tuesday night, an open letter written by former members of the Yeezy team emerged, and it reveals that the Adidas company was aware of West’s erratic and disturbing behavior, Rolling Stone also reports.

“There was no accountability. Bad things would happen, with executives in the room – VP level or higher – and nothing was done. You would still show up for work the next day,” the letter reads.

West is said to be truly addicted to pornography and this addiction would make him manipulative and repulsive, according to everyone who worked with him at Adidas.

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