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NFL star involved in brutal collision
Credit: If he's guilty, it could cost him a few bucks.
The luxury car of a Chiefs player, Rashee Rice, was involved in an accident in Dallas, and the collision was brutal and very intense, as can be seen in the video.

The images show two cars, aLamborghini and a Corvette, colliding with a gray vehicle on the left-hand side of the North Central Freeway.

The first impact sent all three cars across to the other side, while the Lambo and Corvette collided with several vehicles before finally coming to a halt.

One of the alleged culprits,Rashee Rice, was first spotted in a few photos obtained by the TMZ website, and in them, you can quickly see just how much havoc has been wreaked.

At the time of composing these few lines, it cannot be confirmed whether Rice was one of the five men who exited the Corvette and Lambo leaving the scene without giving their coordinates.

Getty Images
Authorities are looking to contact Rice since one of the vehicles, which was speeding, is likely registered to the Chiefs star.

Getty Images

If he’s guilty, it could cost him a few bucks.

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