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Nick Carter responds to sexual assault allegations

Nick Carter has finally fought back in the alleged sexual assault case against him, as 12 witnesses support the Backstreet Boys member. These 12 people testified that the victim’s version of events was not true.

Recall that last December, Shannon Ruth sued Carter for sexual assault following an alleged incident involving her when she was a minor in 2001.

That said, the 12 witnesses reportedly included fans, security personnel and a talent manager. This dozen strongly indicated that the accuser’s story was “factually impossible.”

The story of Ruth, who says she is autistic and has cerebral palsy, states that she was in a line to get an autograph and that the fanatics had access to the parking space where the tour bus was.

Carter’s 12 witnesses, on the other hand, say it was impossible for the Backstreet Boys to interact with the alleged victim, and that there was no line and fans could not get on the band‘s bus.

In addition, the documents mention that a witness stated that there were phone call exchanges that suggested that Ruth had initiated a plot to extort Nick.

Who is telling the truth?

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