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Nightmare at Willy’s Chocolate Experience in Glasgow
Credit: Facebook/Fiona Hughes
Families in Glasgow, Scotland, were left disappointed when the Willy Wonka-themed event they had been looking forward to failed to live up to the expectations they had placed in it.

The event, aptly named Willy’s Chocolate Experience, failed to live up to its magical promise and triggered widespread frustration, even scaring the children.

The police were called to the scene, while the story spread like wildfire on the Internet.

Magical promises turned to disaster when ticket holders who had paid $44 each found themselves in a sterile warehouse, instead of the promised “optical wonders” and “extraordinary objects”.

Social media users were quick to share photos of the sparsely decorated, gloomy facility. This was in stark contrast to the advertised fantasy.

Organizers had promised guests “whimsical performances” as well as a wide variety of treats as they immersed themselves in “a world of pure imagination”. Families received meager portions of sweets and left disappointed and deceived.

Organizers were unprepared, as guests and performers reported. Actors were given scripts just before the event and had to improvise in the chaos.

On a Facebook group created by disillusioned attendees, they voiced their complaints.

They recounted how their children had been given jelly beans and others had run away from the supposedly enchanting, but not scary, characters.

The organization apologized after the negative reactions. It admitted that the event had gone badly, and acknowledged the frustrations of not being able to deliver the enchanting experience promised.

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