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Olivia Munn reveals her battle with aggressive breast cancer
Credit: Getty Image/Instagramoliviamunn
At the age of 43, actress Olivia Munn bravely shared with her fans on Instagram that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, which would prove to be very aggressive. She also described her medical journey over the past few months, including a double mastectomy.

The diagnosis of her breast cancer came two months after an apparently normal mammogram, but with a worrying result that took the star completely by surprise. Further tests were carried out, and the results confirmed that the actress was suffering from an aggressive, rapidly progressing form of cancer.

In a moving message shared on Instagram, Olivia Munn revealed in detail the procedures she had undergone in recent months, including four surgical procedures, including a double-mastectomy.

Through her post, the actress hopes that sharing her story will bring comfort, inspiration and support to others in a similar situation, guiding them on their own journey.

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Note that Olivia Munn made a striking appearance on the red carpet at the most recent Oscars, looking more ravishing than ever!

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