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Outraged, Lady Gaga comes to Dylan Mulvaney’s defense
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Lady Gaga, a staunch defender of trans people, has highlighted and denounced the hateful attacks directed at Dylan Mulvaney.

These negative reactions emerged after Gaga and Mulvaney shared a joint publication celebrating International Women’s Day, triggering controversy and an avalanche of hate messages towards Dylan Mulvaney.

Mulvaney received a flood of hate messages after sharing a video on social networks. In the video, the two artists expressed their joy at the event, and the resulting reactions drew the ire of Lady Gaga.

The singer stated categorically that the messages written were hatred and not negative reactions as, according to her, reported by a media outlet, which she accuses of downplaying the situation.

Gaga, followed by more than 56 million followers on Instagram, thus highlighted the discrimination and intolerance faced by transgender people. Gaga continued her plea by urging everyone to adopt a stance of acceptance, warmth and understanding towards the transgender community.

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Dylan Mulvaney had been the victim of a strong transphobic reaction the first time around by many Americans following a Bud Light marketing campaign for March Madness. Bud Light, previously targeted by the Republican right, including the MAGA movement, last year, recorded a 17.3% drop in sales in Q4 2023 due to its decision to choose Mulvaney in its advertising campaign.

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