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Pigs can get erections again thanks to science
A synthetic fabric, which was designed by Chinese scientists, allowed some pigs injured near the penis, preventing erection, to get it again, report the AFP.

If it works for an animal, we can imagine that it could help human beings in the future, right?

Through a press release, one of the authors of this special fabric specified that it was “an area that has received little attention, but the needs are enormous”.

Experts have reported that approximately 5% of men experience Peyronie’s disease, which is most likely caused by injury during sexual intercourse. This disease causes, among other things, a curvature of the penis.

At this time, men can go under the knife to get a graft, which can be rejected by the immune system.

So researchers began testing a synthetic tissue made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydrogel, “undermining the properties of this membrane,” as reported in the Journal de Montréal.

The tests on the little pigs in question were very surprising, as the penis was able to regain a normal erection, almost immediately. After one month, the result was still satisfactory.

This is very promising for penile injuries in men!

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