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POP Underwear will give to people in need

One of the designers of the clothing and underwear company POP Underwear, Vahiné Lefebvre, tells us that the company has taken the initiative to help people in need this holiday season!

Indeed, it is on her Instagram that the entrepreneur announced that she and her team were going to help people in need by giving underwear to young people in centers and collecting toys and warm clothes that they will then distribute!

“(…) I told the girls about my idea… we were looking for a way to help, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go and take a lot of underwear to a youth center in need, because I hear they really don’t have a lot of underwear so we’re going to go and take a lot of underwear (…) that’s thing number one. Secondly, we thought we could collect all the warm clothes for the winter, boots, coats for adults and children, and toys and we will distribute them in the centers”, said Vahiné to explain her steps!

To contribute, you have to go to 55 Louvain Street between 9am and 7pm on December 19th and 20th to donate clothes and toys that will then be distributed by the POP Underwear team!

Remember that it is also possible to do your part in another way by offering a donation to the Guignolée des médias, or to any other organization!

Will you also give to people in need this holiday season?

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