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Post Malone looks weirder and weirder on stage these days
Post Malone looked really troubled at a concert in Sidney, Australia, while opening for the legendary band Red Hot Chili Peppers, currently on an ocean tour.

The sequence, or rather, the disturbing sequences took place at the Accor Stadium in Sydney. It was there that “Posty” allowed himself to swallow a shoe filled with alcohol, which is called a “shoey”, the act of drinking beer from a shoe in order to celebrate or as punishment.

In the video, Malone is seen taking a white sneaker, pouring a red liquid into it, drinking it while muttering a few words, and then returning the soiled shoe to its owner.

During the same show, Malone suddenly started to do a mouth-to-mouth maneuver with his microphone on the floor of the stage. He also danced, like a stripper…

Yes, it’s strange and a bit messy.

Let’s remember that during his Twelve Carat Tour, which took place last fall, he offered a few highlights as well, including several onstage injuries… and celebrating a wedding in the middle of a concert.

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