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Quaker issues massive recall in North America
PepsiCo subsidiary Quaker Oats Company has voluntarily recalled nearly 80 different varieties of its cereals and cereal bars in North America.

The recall, which affects all US states and Canada, follows widespread concerns about possible salmonella contamination, which can cause serious health problems for consumers.

Quaker products affected by the recall are Harvest Crunch Granola, Cap’n Crunch Treat Bars and Quaker Simply Granola Oats. The list also includes snack packs that combine Quaker Chewy bars with Frito-Lay or other chips.

On Quaker’s official website, we find a list of affected products and images enabling consumers to easily identify them for disposal. It should be noted that Quaker has also set up a hotline for consumers to obtain information or a refund during the week, as well as a website providing detailed information on the recalls.

As yet, neither Quaker Oats Company nor its Canadian counterpart has received any confirmed reports of illness linked to the recalled cereal bars or granola products.

Salmonella can be particularly dangerous and fatal for children under five, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems.

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This recall follows an outbreak of salmonellosis linked to whole, pre-cut cantaloupes that tragically led to the deaths of people in the United States and Canada.

The FDA is therefore reminding consumers that contaminated foods may look okay, but they can still be harmful to your health. It’s best not to eat them, as a precaution.

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