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Ranking of the worst presidents: Where are Biden and Trump?
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Recent polls by respected organizations have ranked Trump at the bottom of the list of U.S. presidents, good last and officially the worst president in history, an unflattering ranking for the 45th President of the United States while Biden receives the 14th position.

Once again, Donald Trump is ranked as the worst U.S. president according to this latest survey by the Presidential Greatness Project, repeating a title already awarded in the past. This position highlights a tumultuous and controversial period in American history, made all the more remarkable by the fact that Trump remains the top Republican choice.

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Historical surveys reveal trends influencing the assessment of presidential legacy. Barack Obama’s rise to 10th and Joe Biden’s debut at 14th illustrate the rise in popularity of recent Democratic presidents.

The popularity of many Republican presidents has declined, possibly due to the adoption of new criteria by experts to evaluate presidential performance. In particular, attitudes towards justice and equality have exerted a significant influence.

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Abraham Lincoln, often considered the best American president, maintains his position at the top of these polls.

Despite these ratings, Trump remains a major GOP player and is the presumptive presidential nominee for 2024. A C-SPAN survey, broadening the participation of historians for greater diversity, also positioned him at the bottom of the rankings, adding an unenviable perspective to the former president’s overall assessment.

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It remains to be seen how Donald Trump’s turbulent presidency will fit into the long history of the United States, and whether or not future assessments will present the same perspective.

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