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Robin Lehner declares bankruptcy and discloses $50M in debts
Robin Lehner is a very special person, who presented his mental illness (bipolar disorder type 1) to the media a few years ago, allowing him to take another step in his human journey.

Lehner has received a ton of positive testimonials to this effect, also motivating some people to confide in him and put into action a plan to improve their conditions.

That being said, the goalie is currently sidelined due to hip surgery… but he has still found a way to get people talking about him because of his exotic snakes and the announcement of a bankruptcy.

Lehner and his wife filed for bankruptcy on December 30, owing more than 50 people and companies money. It should be noted that the assets of Lehner and his wife are valued at more or less 10 million dollars.

What undoubtedly led to this bankruptcy was a multi-million dollar loan with a Wisconsin business, when Lehner was no longer able to make the payments. This business sued Lehner and his father for $4 million.

Note that the debts include missed payments for his collection of exotic snakes, which he purchased for a cool $1.2 million in 2017.

The snakes in question are kept on his farm in Plato, Missouri.

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