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Ryan Reynolds is on the verge of having funds to buy the Senators

Ryan Reynolds owned 25% of the company Mint Mobile and it was bought by the company T-Mobile for a maximum amount of 1.35 billion dollars. This is a huge amount of money, and Reynolds’ part could help him with his desire to invest in the Ottawa Senators.

The deal will be formalized within the next year, and T-Mobile also gets Ka’ena Corp. and its subsidiaries, as well as its Mint Mobile, Ultra Mobile international wireless service and Plum wholesale brands.

T-Mobile believes it could “leverage Mint’ s leading digital marketing expertise as part of its expanded portfolio to reach new customer segments and geographies.”

Unsurprisingly, Mint Mobile founders David Glickman and Rizwan Kassim will remain with T-Mobile to manage the brands, which will be separate business units. In Reynolds’ case, he will retain his role as Mint spokesperson.

Moreover, via social media, Reynolds shared a video through which he exclaims about T-Mobile:

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