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Selena Gomez reveals her $650-a-day beauty routine
Selena Gomez has a crazy skin care and makeup routine that costs her no less than $650 a day.

A follower of the pop star, who follows her on TikTok, is transfixed by the routine, which she says is “ahead of its time.”

“OK, we need to talk about Selena Gomez ‘s makeup routine real quick because I’ve never seen anyone do everything she does. I have to wonder if she’s on another level,”said Jasmine Darya.


PSA I got most of these products free. I ain’t just rolling like that everywhere. Use any serum to take off make up before washing. It breaks it up nicely. Also use a sponge to wipe eyes to treat eyes delicately when removing make up. K I’m done pretending I know what I’m taking about.

♬ Never Be Me – Miley Cyrus

The 30-year-old artist starts her sequence by cleansing her face with La Mer ‘s concentrated serum , which is worth $500… Except, of course, the products she uses were donated to her. Best marketing for a company, right?

“So, a $500 serum. And she used it with makeup first to break up the makeup on her face, which I’ve never seen/heard anyone do. I feel like this is the fanciest version of oil cleansing I’ve ever seen,” again according to Jasmine Darya.

Next, Gomez uses Bioderma’s $17 Sensibio H2O Micellar Waterwith a white towel to remove her makeup. Her number one fan said she couldn’t understand why she would use a white towel to wipe off her face…

Then, for the environment, Gomez takes care to useDermologica’s $39 multi-active toner with $22 Face Halo reusable pads.

If we understand correctly, this would be her pre-nighttime routine, which is very time consuming… so imagine in the morning.

“I’m assuming this is her nighttime routine because she just took off her makeup, but then she puts on this Rare Beauty glow under eye cream serum ($24), but it’s colored. I love the idea of this product. Honestly, it’s kind of amazing, but I’ve never used a colored eye cream like this right before I go to sleep, and now I’m wondering if I should buy it,” Darya quipped.

To finish, Gomez uses the Beauty Blender ($20) with water, which is out of the ordinary to remove her eye makeup. In Darya’s words, “she’s never seen anyone else do this before.”

A routine described as “crazy” and very expensive ($650) that left some people perplexed.

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