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Several people injured on the set of Eddie Murphy’s new film
Credit: Getty Images
The Atlanta set of The Pickup, starring Eddie Murphy, Keke Palmer and Pete Davidson, was the scene of a dangerous stunt that left several people injured.

Amazon MGM Studios has confirmed that several crew members were injured when a stunt involving a truck and a car was performed.

The accident occurred during the filming of an action sequence with a second crew, despite many careful rehearsals and adherence to safety procedures, according to the studio, which stressed its commitment to safety for all crew and cast members, of course.

Minor bruising was reported by several crew members, while others suffered more serious injuries, including broken bones. According to reports, at least two crew members were taken to hospital.

It appears that the film’s stars, Eddie Murphy, Keke Palmer and Pete Davidson, were not present on set at the time of the incident.

An investigation is underway to clarify the circumstances surrounding the accident, which occurred during the shooting of the film, which has been in production near Atlanta since February.

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