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Shooting confirmed at Kansas City Super Bowl Parade
Credit: Getty Images

Gunfire erupted in Kansas City on Wednesday, following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII victory celebration. The gunfire quickly turned the festive atmosphere into a climate of terror.

Law enforcement responded quickly, but even many minutes after it was announced that two suspects were under arrest, images from the parade remained visibly chaotic.

Kansas City police said the incident, which occurred as Chiefs fans began to disperse, had left many injured. At the time of writing, more than ten people were reported injured.

Getty Images
At least one victim was seen being carried away from the scene of the shooting on a stretcher.

Getty Images
The incident compromised what was supposed to be an event of celebration and unity for the Kansas City community, as the Super Bowl celebration turned into a nightmare.

Getty Images
We now await updates on the condition of the victims and their total number.

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