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Sophie Grégoire in a relationship… for several months already?
Legal documents shed light on this secret relationship.

According to rumors and divorce papers, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has been in a relationship with an Ottawa surgeon for months, long before she officially announced her separation from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last August.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed by the Prime Minister or Sophie Grégoire, divorce papers dated April 26 are said to be the source of the rumors. The documents involve an Ottawa surgeon working at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and his ex-wife, in which it is stated that the surgeon was romantically involved with a well-known local public figure.

The affair is attracting a great deal of media attention, but would also present important security considerations, according to the National Post.

The surgeon’s ex-wife is quoted in legal documents as saying that this situation involving her ex-husband and his new partner (Grégoire) would have created significant safety issues for their children while in their father’s care.

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Also according to the National Post, sources claimed that the important public figure involved in the divorce papers was indeed Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

On August 2, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Justin Trudeau announced that they had ended their relationship after 18 years of marriage and that they were now legally separated, but without offering any details on the reasons for their separation, leaving room for much speculation since then.

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The couple had been married since 2005, and have three children together: Xavier James, Ella-Grace Margaret and Hadrien Grégoire.

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