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Squid Game star guilty of sexual misconduct
Credit: Netflix
O Yeong-su, known for his role in the hit Netflix series Squid Game, has been found guilty of inappropriate sexual behavior.

This decision by a South Korean court marks a major turning point in his career, as the actor will be absent from Squid Game’s soon-to-be-revealed second season.

In addition to his conviction by the Suwon District Court in Seongnam, the actor was given an eight-month prison sentence with two years’ probation. In addition, he is also required by the court to undergo 40 hours of treatment.

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The judge made his decision based on the woman’s testimony, as well as her diary and the therapist’s reports after the incident. The judge noted that these accounts seemed credible and would have been difficult to invent had the actor and victim not actually experienced them.

The actor maintains that he is innocent even though the court found him guilty, and claims that his actions were misunderstood. O Yeong-su said he plans to appeal the sentence.

Squid Game season 2 is expected to air sometime in 2024 on Netflix, without O Yeong-su.

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