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Taylor Swift wants you to stop following her private jet
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Taylor Swift wants you to stop following her private jet, but more precisely a certain student in Florida.

Taylor Swift’s legal team sent an injunction to Jack Sweeney, a Florida University student known for monitoring the movements of celebrities’ private jets on social networks.

Sweeney, the same man who previously tracked Elon Musk’s private jet, uses public data from the Federal Aviation Administration. He posts real-time information on flights, their environmental impact, and other relevant topics, attracting media attention.

Swift’s lawyers have asserted that Sweeney’s reports cause Swift direct and irreparable harm, emotional distress and physical discomfort, as well as constant fear for her safety.

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Sweeney’s action is seen from different angles. For some, it raises awareness of the environmental impact of celebrity jet use, a particularly poignant point in the context of the global climate crisis. According to a study conducted by a marketing company, Taylor Swift would be the celebrity who would emit the most greenhouse gases by private jet in 2022.

Her representatives denied this claim, saying that her jet was often on loan.

Privacy and security are also of concern. Swift’s experience of stalkers visiting her home has heightened concerns about real-time data sharing. A Swift spokeswoman commented on the implications of aircraft tracking. She suggested a correlation between Sweeney’s messages and incidents of harassment.

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Sweeney defends himself by claiming that his actions no more violate privacy than any other public event or schedule indicating that a celebrity is in the area, such as a sports event or tour schedule.

This debate touches on the right to privacy, freedom of information and environmental responsibility. Swift’s lawyers argue that tracking their client is a matter of life and death, while Sweeney’s legal representatives consider it an important issue of transparency.

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The same debate raged in relation to Elon Musk several months ago.

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