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The Chinese spy balloon seems to be part of a larger surveillance operation
The spy balloon of Chinese origin is still the talk of the town because according to sources of American intelligence, it would be part of a very large Chinese military surveillance operation.

Still according to the information of the American intelligence, this recovered balloon was part of a program of surveillance initiated by the Chinese army, reports CNN.

Several such balloons have been, or are, in the sky to conduct a guided mission through China’s small Hainan province.

The United States does not know the number of balloons belonging to this Chinese province, but everything indicates that at least two dozen of the fleet would have traveled at least the top of five continents.

In fact, according to a report by an official familiar with the intelligence, several of the balloons were in U.S. airspace, but did not touch down on U.S. soil.

It should also be noted that the balloons that were “killed” were not all of the same design as the one that was destroyed off the coast of South Carolina last week. We would speak of multiple variations.

The current U.S. mission, of course, is to try to learn as much as possible about the intelligence that balloons can gather. U.S. intelligence wants to understand the technical capabilities of the balloon…

Meanwhile, China still maintains that it was a weather balloon launched off course, but the country still finds itself in crisis management.

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