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The Crown: Elizabeth Debicki paid tribute to Lady Di at the Golden Globes
Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki, who was among the actresses nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes, did not win a statuette for her role in the Netflix series The Crown, but still drew attention with her outfit that had a special meaning for her.

Debicki, who played Princess Diana in season 5 of The Crown, indeed paid a beautiful tribute to the latter at the Golden Globes last Tuesday night.

The actress wore a sleeveless pink dress for the gala that was almost identical to one of Lady Di’s iconic dresses worn during a visit to Australia in 1983.

The actress seems to have a special interest and connection to Princess Diana’s favorite items as seen in an Instagram post from The Crown series, showing set designer, Alison Harvey, with Elizabeth Debicki discovering Diana’s accessories.

A simple and beautiful tribute for a princess gone too soon!

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