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The neverending divorce of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan
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The divorce between Hollywood stars Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan has turned into a complex and protracted dispute due to financial disagreements between the two former lovers.

Their disagreement concerns the sharing of profits from the Magic Mike franchise, a film series in which Tatum was both lead actor and producer. According to court documents from their divorce, Dewan claims that the project, which began in 2012 during their marriage, was jointly funded by their joint efforts and marital finances. The first film has since spawned several sequels, reality TV shows and Las Vegas shows.

Jenna Dewan’s team described their actions in the case as an attempt to achieve an equitable outcome under California state law. They expressed a desire to bring this chapter of Jenna’s life to a swift close.

Channing Tatum’s representatives painted an entirely different picture…

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Tatum and Dewan met on the set of the dance film Step Up in 2006, before marrying in 2009.

After eight years of marriage, the parents of a daughter born in 2013 officially separated in 2019. Since their split, Tatum and Dewan have rebuilt their lives separately. Dewan is now engaged to Steve Kazee, with whom she has one child and is expecting a second.

Tatum, meanwhile, has been married to actress Zoë Kravitz since 2021.

Despite the opening of new chapters in their lives, quarrels surrounding the Magic Mike franchise continue to hold them back in their divorce process.

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