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The Office is no longer the most streamed show
Credit: NBC
Suits broke records in 2023 and became the most streamed TV show, beating out a true phenomenon, namely The Office.

Suits, which first aired from 2011 to 2019 on USA Network, overtook previous record-holder The Office, which reached 57.1 billion streaming minutes in 2020.

The legal series starring, among others, a certain Meghan Markle, in fact recorded no less than 57.7 billion minutes of streaming in 2023!

The success of the series can be explained by the massive growth it experienced following its first broadcast on Netflix in July.

USA Network Media
In fact, Netflix reported in January 2023 that licensed content now accounted for 45% of its audience, a testament to the enduring appeal of franchises like Suits.

USA Network Media
The Suits effect, as some are calling it, is a phenomenon that not only sparks debate about evolving content strategy tactics, but also sets the bar high for measuring the impact of licensed shows in the highly competitive streaming market.

This dominance may indicate that the appetite for familiar, binge-worthy content is stronger than ever in the digital age.

Let’s bet, however, that this news will annoy the most loyal fans of The Office!


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