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The shocking death of Lance Reddick was felt on John Wick 4’s red carpet

The stars of John Wick 4 joined together at the film’s Los Angeles premiere to pay tribute to fellow actor Lance Reddick, who died last Friday at the age of 60.

Visibly troubled by Reddick’s tragic passing, Keanu Reeves, Bob Odenkirk and Laurence Fishburne donned blue ribbons on the red carpet to honor their counterpart and friend.

Former colleagues of Reddick were also present at the premiere, including Titus Welliver from the Bosch series.

From his TV and movie roles, and even his character of Commander Zavala in the video game Destiny, Reddick was loved by his many fans. In fact, Destiny players gathered in the game to pay him a touching tribute.

Actually, tributes are coming from everywhere since last Friday, a testament to the actor’s strong skills and popularity.

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