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The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s nickname is now decided

What’s the most popular nickname?

A recent two-part BuzzNews poll offered an interesting result regarding the couple of the hour, pop superstar Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

(Jason Hanna/Getty Images)
We asked the public on Instagram and on our official website:

What should the couple of the hour Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift be nicknamed?

With over 1926 participants, the most popular nickname is Kelswift, with a 43% share of the votes (832).

In second place is Tayvis 35% (682).

The least popular are Swelce with 15% of fans (285) and Taytrav with 7% (127).

Aucune description disponible.
We also polled the public on our official website to find out:

What do you think of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

Of the 76 people who took part, 55% think they’re perfect together, while 45% say they’re not convinced by this new couple!

A couple that’s sure to get people talking!

What do you think of these results?

(Jason Hanna/Getty Images)
Long live Kelswift!

(Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
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