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This man bet $10M on the Astros

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This man bet $10M on the Astros

Jim “Mattress Mack” Mcingvale has bet $10 million on the Houston Astros to win the MLB World Series title against the Philadelphia Phillies.

By betting this, Mattress Mack, a furniture store owner and “notorious sports bettor”, stands to win a monstrous $75 million.

Losing a bet that big hurts, but losing it in person must hurt even more. On Tuesday night, Mattress Mack was watching Game 3 of the World Series, where fans were screaming for the Philadelphia Phillies at home.

With the Phillies taking a commanding 7-0 lead in the game, the Astros’ chances of winning the series have plummeted and so have the odds of this big bettor, who could lose $10 million.

The series will continue on Wednesday night (8:00 p.m.), again at the Phillies’ home stadium, Citizens Bank Park, and you can be sure that Mattress Mack will once again have a frontrow seat.

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