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This watch from the ’70s creates is buzzing on TikTok
An entry-level Swiss watch is a hit on TikTok, giving it a second life.

The Tissot PRX, an understated watch from the 1970s that was relaunched last year by the Le Locle, Switzerland-based manufacturer, has become an unexpected viral hit on social media.

The Tissot PRX, a watch priced at just over $800, first appeared on the market in 1978. Since then, the elegant model offered in blue, green, silver, black (the cheapest) or the soon-to-be-commissioned Tiffany mint green, has become a massive success, garnering praise on blogs before exploding on a whole platform that didn’t exist at its birth: TikTok.

The PRX is one of the first watches mentioned when people are looking for the best automatic watch under $1,000. For watch enthusiasts intrigued by ingenious movements and complications, but who don’t want to sell their car to get it, the PRX is an affordable alternative that ticks all the boxes.

Sure, there’s the signature integrated bracelet and sleek dial, but its biggest selling point might be the long power reserve, a term that refers to how long a watch can keep time after its internal spring mechanism has been fully wound. The automatic version of the PRX has a power reserve of up to 80 hours, nearly double what the competition offers.

Perhaps the PRX’s only flaw is its size. The PRX automatic is only available in 40mm.

But, if discussions are to be believed, Tissot is well aware of the demand: a 35mm automatic PRX, a size in which its quartz counterpart is already available as the QTZ, is reportedly on the way!

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