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Thousands of Jaromir Jagr’s bobbleheads have been stolen!
Credit: Justin Berl/Getty Images

On March 14, the Pittsburgh Penguins once again paid tribute to one of their all-time greats, Jaromir Jagr, with a “bobblehead” party.

However, plans were derailed by the theft of the cargo carrying the thousands of bobbleheads of number 68!

The shipment was stolen early in the morning, or late at night, on its way to Pittsburgh. The organization finally announced the bad news via its networks early on Thursday morning (March 14).

What’s most disappointing is that this evening was bringing comfort to fans during the Pens‘ tough season.

The Pittsburgh Penguins club has therefore offered vouchers to fans who attended the March 14 game, which can be exchanged for Jagr’s bobblehead once the shipment has been recovered.

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