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Three monkeys have been kidnapped and a huge ransom is demanded in return
Three baby chimpanzees have been abducted from a refuge in Congo, and the kidnappers are demanding $200,000 to free the apes they stole with (most likely) the help of people who work there.

There are reports that five accomplices and employees of the refuge are behind bars, but the kidnappers keep demanding an inordinate ransom to free the three chimpanzees.

The owners of the “JACK” shelter have no way of paying such an exorbitant sum, so negotiations with the criminals are continuing through the telephone company.

Via a Facebook video, one of the refuge’s owners, Franck Chantereau, said that what was happening to them is unprecedented in the world of great ape conservation. This refuge is experiencing a first, a monkey theft in return for a monstrous amount of money.

The three baby chimpanzees are named Monga, Caesar and Hussein, who were rescued from poaching and trafficking, and then cared for.

The three “brothers” have been filmed, in a more or less clean place, by the kidnappers.

🌿MONGA, HUSSEIN & CÉSAR1 mois que vous nous avez été enlevés. Vous êtes sans cesse dans nos pensées et toujours dans nos coeurs. Nous ne vous oublions pas💚 👉🏼🌿HUSSEIN, MONGA & CÉSARIt’s been 1 month that you have been taken away from us. You are constantly in our thoughts and always in our hearts. We don’t forget about you💚👉🏼 #kidnapping #chimpnapping #trade #trafic #especemenacee #wildlifecrime #betheirvoice #love#givingdayforapes #security

Posted by JACK – Jeunes Animaux Confisqués au Katanga on Sunday, October 9, 2022

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