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Tiger shark attacks swimmer

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Tiger shark attacks swimmer

Swimmers at Hillary’s Dog Beach (Western Australia) could have experienced a scene worthy of “Jaws” as a tiger shark prowled close to the shore.

This scene filmed by a drone occurred on December 28. The images captured are impressive, as the shark remained a few meters away from the unsuspecting swimmers for several minutes.

The shadow lurking in the shallows, that turned out to be a tiger shark

There are pictures tonight of a shark in the shallows of a Perth beach. It was so close to swimmers, but they had no idea, until the person who recorded the images you’re about to see, ran to the shore to warn them. #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Perth on Friday, December 30, 2022

We can even see the shark running towards a lady, but luckily, it suddenly decided to turn around.

“I was afraid it was an attack and I was obviously very scared!” said Sam Wood, the “pilot” of the drone.

Wood was half a mile from the beach when he was filming the scene with his drone, and he quickly moved closer to notify beachgoers so the worst could be avoided.

As aresult of this “film”, residents claimed to have seen several of these predators near the shore. One of them reported having seen no less than six sharks in six months…

In short, shark attacks in Western Australia occur regularly. In fact, last October, a man was bitten on the arm violently by a shark while spearfishing.

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