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TikTok’s days are officially numbered!
Credit: Tick tock, TikTok!

President Joe Biden has signed a package of national security measures, including the controversial banning of social network TikTok. With this decision, TikTok’s days in the U.S. are now officially numbered.

As part of a bill designed to strengthen US national security, a provision has been approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. This legislation requires ByteDance to sell TikTok within 9 to 12 months, failing which the social network will be banned nationwide.

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The decision to ban TikTok in the US was the result of lengthy parliamentary debates and multiple attempts by lawmakers to restrict the app on national security grounds, due to concerns that Chinese authorities could access US users’ data.

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, denies the existence of any such risks and claims to have significant measures in place to secure US users’ data against foreign interference.

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Given TikTok’s popularity with young and old alike, who use the platform for a variety of purposes ranging from entertainment to political engagement and as a business tool, this decision could have notable repercussions.

The directors of TikTok have stated that they intend to take the case to court. They claim that the forced transfer is unconstitutional and detrimental to TikTok as well as to the businesses and users who depend on the platform.

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TikTok’s ban is causing heated debate in the American political landscape. Both advocates and opponents of the measure have voiced their opinions. Critics argue that banning TikTok could harm small entrepreneurs and content creators who use the platform.

The deadline for the sale of TikTok is fast approaching, captivating general attention on the outcome of this affair.

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