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Tom Brady’s kids “affected” by Netflix’s roast
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Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady has regretted his participation in the Netflix Is A Joke Festival: G.R.O.A.T – The Greatest Roast Of All Time; the greatest live-streamed roast. He stressed the considerably negative impact of this event on his children.

The event was characterized by an endless stream of jokes mocking Brady‘s career, personal life and recent divorce. Although he initially found the evening amusing, the former star quarterback was shocked by the reception of the jokes by his family, and his children in particular.

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Brady mentioned in an interview that he generally appreciated being joked about and found the jokes hilarious, but that the event had a negative impact on his children. He said he would never participate in such an event again, because of the effect it had on the most important people in his life.

The Brady clan, including his children, felt uncomfortable, not least because of some very personal jokes. His ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, reportedly found several references distasteful, particularly those highlighting her relationship and her divorce from the athlete.

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Tom Brady said that the experience had made him reflect on his role as a parent, on his naivety and on how the disclosure of private information can have repercussions, even in the most unexpected situations such as a comedy show.

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