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Trump compared to Hitler following disturbing remarks

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, unleashed a storm of criticism with his most recent remarks at a rally in New Hampshire, when Trump’s remarks were compared to quotes from Adolf Hitler, sparking outrage from his political opponents and even members of his own party.

During his speech to supporters, Donald Trump declared that immigrants, particularly those from Africa and Asia, were contaminating America and poisoning the blood of Americans.

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Joe Biden’s campaign reacted strongly to Trump’s remarks. The former president was described by a spokesman as an emulator of dictatorial figures. In a press release, Joe Biden’s campaign said Donald Trump was “drawing inspiration from his role models by quoting Vladimir Putin, echoing Adolf Hitler and praising Kim Jong Un”.

Other well-known Republicans also distanced themselves from Trump’s remarks.

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With the former president hoping for a rematch between himself and President Joe Biden in 2024, debates are heating up and it’s hard to predict the finality of this election cycle.

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