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Trump refuses to testify in his $250M fraud trial
Donald Trump announced on Truth Social that he would not return to testify in the ongoing fraud case in New York, while he and his companies face civil charges in a $250 million lawsuit brought by New York prosecutor Letitia James.

The lawsuit alleges a decade-long scheme of financial fraud and misrepresentation by the former president in the Trump Organization to obtain favorable loan terms.

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Recall that in early November, Donald Trump testified by taking a defensive stance and sharply criticizing Attorney General Letitia James, accusing her of being a political hack, and Judge Arthur Engoron, calling the latter hostile.

The New York Attorney General said in a press release that her office had already proven that Trump had committed financial fraud for years and that he and his family had unjustly enriched themselves.

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The Attorney General will continue her cross-examination in the trial, which is due to resume on Tuesday.

The trial, which began on October 2, has entered its final phase.

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Final arguments will be presented to the judge on January 19.

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