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What is the future of Tom Brady?

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What is the future of Tom Brady?
The question NFL fans are asking today: What is the future of Tom Brady? What are the most likely scenarios for the greatest quarterback in history?

Despite a good season at age 45, his future in the NFL remains uncertain.

Let’s just say the 31-14 loss to the Cowboys on Monday night in the playoffs, where Brady completed 35 of his 66 passes for two touchdowns and a costly interception in the end zone, has him thinking about it.

Add to that the fact that his contract will expire in a few weeks, and several options will open up before him: a return for a 24th season, joining “Fox Sports” as an analyst, or taking a quiet retirement.

His options in the NFL, besides the Buccaneers, with whom he is not expected to return, are: a return with the Patriots, the Dolphins and the Raiders.

The Raiders could be a logical destination because of Josh McDaniels, the Vegas head coach, who is the former offensive coordinator of the Pats. He and Tom Brady have always had a great relationship.

However, one should not put the Pats aside as the respect between Bill Belichick and Brady is still very high, they have won six championships together.

In short, this saga is just beginning!

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