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Yes, it is now post-Tom Brady era in the NFL
45-year-old quarterback Tom Brady took to his Twitter account (live) on Wednesday to announce that he was officially ending his career. He, who was sometimes thought to be superhuman, will no longer play in the NFL.

Let’s note that this time, it’s the right one, he had announced his retirement after the 2022 playoffs, to finally go back on his decision and play a real last campaign.

Of course, in his video, he emphasized the words “for good”, indicating that the process of last year was cumbersome and that he rushed to announce his retirement through the hubbub of his personal life which was hectic at the time.

It was after a more difficult season in which he completed 66.8% of his passes, with gains of 4694 yards, 25 touchdowns and nine interceptions that he revealed his future.

Remember that Brady is considered the G.O.A.T. by a ton of observers, being the quarterback with the most Super Bowl wins with a total of seven in ten appearances. Seven trophies over three different decades, isn’t that a rare feat?

Brady will have spent 23 years in the NFL, leading the all-time record with 89,214 yards through the air and 649 touchdown passes. He also broke the 5,000-yard barrier twice, including his last in 2021 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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