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Andretti Cadillac on its way to F1?
Cadillac and Andretti Global are looking to join forces to bid for Formula 1, and the team would be called Andretti Cadillac.

These are not guesses, as the group is waiting for bids to open to officially open the process.

With the popularity of Formula One growing in the United States, Andretti and GM have decided to get together to take the steps to the F1 grid as soon as possible.

Remember that the FIA has recently indicated its desire to open up applications to potential new teams. The road to this prestigious sport can be very long, but this team has a ton of resources to succeed.

It’s still a long way from seeing this team on the tracks of Formula 1, but the desire is to get there as soon as possible, while bringing at least one American driver with them.

For those who don’t keep up with the pace of racing, Michael Andretti is 60 years old and has raced in IndyCar for several years, as well as Formula E.

Andretti has tried to go it alone before in order to break into the world of F1, but he was unable to achieve his goal.

This time around, with GM/Cadillac, it’s definitely going to be a game changer at the finish line.

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