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Ben Affleck snaps at paparazzi, goes viral again
Credit: Getty Images/Capture Backgrid

Ben Affleck can be seen lecturing paparazzi and accusing them of endangering his daughter’s life in a video that’s making the rounds on the web.

The paparazzi, who are currently seeking information about the actor’s love life with Jennifer Lopez, tracked him down on his way back from a visit to her.

However, the encounter between the star and the paparazzi wasn’t the smoothest…

On June 23, as he pulled out of the driveway of his Beverly Hills mansion, the actor stormed out of his car to lecture the waiting photographers.

Capture Backgrid

In a video shared by TMZ and Page Six and captured by Backgrid, he is heard telling them that they shouldn’t take pictures with their flash when someone is driving.

Bennifer have been rumored to be in the process of divorcing for some time now, and it seems the pressure is at its maximum level right now,

After passing on his message, he got into his car and drove off, Ben Affleck-style.

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