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Brad Pitt in hot water again over Chateau Miraval
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A new complaint has been filed in the dispute between Brad Pitt and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, over legal possession of their French wine estate: Château Miraval. The company holding Jolie’ s shares in Château Miraval now accuses Brad Pitt of misappropriating the estate’s assets to finance his own projects.

According to the accusations included in the court documents, Brad Pitt would have used funds diverted from the property for personal projects. This would include over $1 million in renovations to a swimming pool for his exclusive use, no less.

Also, according to the complaint, the actor’s mismanagement of the winery led to the use of Château Miraval funds to finance his other businesses at preferential rates. In short, Pitt used the winery as a piggy bank.

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Recall that in 2021, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt began this seemingly never-ending legal battle when Jolie sold her shares in the property to Tenute Group’s parent company: Stoli Group.

Brad Pitt claimed that this sale violated an agreement between the two parties stipulating that joint consent was required prior to any sale of shares.


The actor, who claimed that Angelina Jolie had carried out the transaction with the sole aim of undermining their divorce, had been unsuccessful in his legal efforts to contest the sale, but the judge on the case had rejected Pitt‘s numerous claims, ruling that they had no legal basis.

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Sources close to the actor defend his actions, claiming that these accusations are absolutely absurd. However, according to the plaintiffs, Château Miraval ‘s financial and operational transactions have been seriously lacking in transparency sinceAngelina Jolie ceased to be one of the managers.


The legal battles surrounding Château Miraval seem to go on indefinitely.

In fact, it was on this vineyard that they were married in 2014.

How far we’ve come from those happy times for the former power couple

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