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Censored on The View, Robert De Niro compares Trump to Hitler
Credit: CaptureABCTheView/WennCover
During his appearance on the morning show The View, Robert De Niro was repeatedly censored as he held forth with virulent criticism of Trump. He expressed strong concerns about the potential consequences of another Trump victory in the 2024 presidential election, using strong language, including several expletives.

De Niro‘s comments, though crude and censored, with repeated use of F-words, reflected his deep concerns about Trump’ s leadership and the potential damaging repercussions for America should he be re-elected in the next presidential election. He describes the candidate as hateful and vicious. And he believes that Trump ‘s supporters will continue to support him no matter what he does.


The actor said he was surprised that people don’t take Trump’ s words and actions seriously. De Niro made a striking comparison between Trump ‘s speech and actions to those of fascist leaders such asHitler and Mussolini. He forcefully pointed out that these dictators had been historically underestimated, and that the risk of repeating this mistake could have disastrous consequences. Incidentally, this is not the first time that parallels have been drawn between the speeches of the Nazi dictator and those of the former President of the United States.


De Niro also made a point of clarifying his earlier remarks when he mentioned wanting to bash Trump, explaining that he simply wanted to give the former president a run for his money, thus using Trump’s own rhetoric. At a previous rally, Trump had told supporters he wanted to punch a protester in the face. While many had downplayed these words, De Niro questions the type of person capable of making such remarks, and whether this is really a rational choice for the next presidency.


Under many bleeps (The View’s production team was quite busy!), De Niro ended his criticism of the former president in front of the show’s approving hosts and viewers by suggesting that the campaign slogan should be: “F* America, I want to F* America!“.

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