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Damar Hamlin offers a touching interview and reflects on his heart attack
Damar Hamlin spoke out about his cardiac arrest, saying he owes his life to his savior, Buffalo Bills assistant athletic trainer Denny Kellington, who resuscitated him on January 2 in Cincinnati.

The Bills safety made the remarks in an interview that will air Monday on ABC, and through it, he opens up fully about his near-death experience.

Hamlin, who is a believer, was quick to point out that all his life he felt God was using him to give hope to others.

Damar Hamlin received the Alan Page Community Award from the NFLPA, just over a month after his cardiac arrest.

When he received his award, he made a point of thanking an ICU doctor named Yusef, who also went through something similar.

Damar’s goal now is to support youth through education and sports with GoFundMe donations.

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